Orsi khaneh

Landscape: Keivani Architects
Site area: 300 m2
Ground floor area: 195 m2
Built area: 1409 m2
Building Type: residential
Civil engineer / Company: Reza Hooshiar Khah
Mechanical engineer / Company: Mehdi Bazargani
Construction Company: Keivani Architects
Executive Manager: Mohammad Mashouf
Supervisor: Nima Keivani
3D renders: Sina Keivani
Graphic: Maryam Sarshar
Photographer: Parham Taghiof – Nima Keivani – Hannaneh Fadayi
Awards: Iran Architect Award Finalist – International Architecture A Design Award winner 2016 in Italy
Competition: [ Country, Year, website of the competition ]
Project Description:[Concept, Idea, Technical, General information ]
Main Materials: wood- stone- Stained glasses
Budget : ( Rials and USD ) 700000 $

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