Objet 2 | Light On Light Off

Objet exhibition 2nd, entitled “Light On, Light Off”, will be opened at the Niavaran Cultural Center No. 1 in the presence of architects, designers and illustrators on Sept. 17, at 17:00.

The aim of the exhibition is also to introduce products derived from indigenous cultures in global markets, including “copper”, a material that has been used in different ways in different times in different ways, and connects Iran’s history to the new era.

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Asia Architecture Award 2017

Orsi Khaneh building designed by Iranian Architects, Keivani architects -Nima and Sina Keivani-  nominated for the Asia Architecture Award in 2017 in Berlin. The Asian Architecture Award, abbreviated as 2AAA, is an annual event that, with the cooperation of academic, cultural and professional Asian institutions, recognizes and introduces the achievements of the Asian continent in … Read more


Bronze A’ Design Award Winner for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2015 Share with you friends: [cn-social-icon]

Memar 94 | Iran

Project Orsi Khaneh, Kievani Architecture studio and partner , architect nominated in 1394 was 1394 units in the apartment.